Success Stories

Story 1

"Everything with the young person and COVEY has been a fantastic experience and the organisation and its people should be proud of their efforts and commitment in the community" befriender.

Story 2

In one of our longer term befriending relationships, when a young person's mum was in hospital gravely ill, the befriender provided support to the young person, taking them to the hospital and providing emotional support. Speaking to the family afterwards they were very appreciative of the support offered.

Story 3

Being open and authentic provides a platform for the young people to develop in this area; a parent said, "there were so many benefits to befriending - helped change my boy, turned things around so that he can better communicate" and a befriender about her young person; "she had a lot more confidence in the end and would tell me stuff without me asking".

Story 4

One young person talked to his befriender about his mum who died a few years ago he has never spoken to anyone before about his mum. This same young person has considerably improved his attendance at school and has been made a 'monitor'.

Story 5

One young person, facing a lot of issues at home due to a violent and abusive sibling has had a befriender for two years. He stated during a review "when I'm at school and I know Louise (befriender) is coming at night the day just flies past!"

Story 6

Three older young people and a befriender attended an event in Edinburgh celebrating mentoring and befriending. "It was inspirational to watch everyone interact and see the group gel. These were young people who in the past have struggled to make friendships and meet new people and they were at ease talking not only to each other but to others at the event about their experience of COVEY" staff member.

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